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My name is Krysti and I am in lurve with the great outdoors. Yes, lurve.

As a New Jersey native, some people may be confused by how I became so passionate about nature when I grew up in the most densely populated state in the nation.


Well believe it, baby. The Garden State is actually RICH with outdoor recreation, not to mention conveniently located to so many excellent parks to explore! My favorite local NJ/NY hotspots include the Delaware Water Gap, Harriman State Park, the Gunks, the Catskills, and, of course, the Jersey Shore (don’t even think about making a joke).


While I am proud of my roots, I never pass up the opportunity to travel to other lands in the quest to share their bountiful beauty with the masses.


I tend to get easily carried away with the putting the words together thing...


My goal is to demonstrate how essential it is to explore and appreciate nature, and how integral it is to our well-being. I dedicate my time and energy to infuse others with this passion, in the hopes that they, too, will become captivated by the outdoors.


If you'd like to collaborate or just say “Hello there!”, holler at me anytime! Always eager to make new connections :)

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