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Your professional headshot is your business' digital handshake. It allows prospective customers to see the face of your company or organization. Nowadays, a robust online presence is key to the success of your business. With the increasing popularity of  Yelp, Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook, and all other social media, professional photography and original content are integral in reaching your desired audience. Show the "face" of your business with well-composed portraits and candid photographs of your employees at work. Whether you own an auto repair shop, veterinary clinic, restaurant, jewelry store, or physical fitness facility, your small business will profit immensely from updating your visual online's a fact!

Interested in chatting about how we can work together? Contact me anytime at or call 201-691-8346.

Professional Headshots

“Krysti has been such a pleasure to work with. She has produced excellent images of Serendipity Labs Ridgewood's interior co-working space and offices as well as beautiful, creative exterior shots that capture the character of the space and its relationship to the surrounding town-- which up until now has been difficult to portray! Professional and patient in her approach, Krysti put us and our members at ease immediately, allowing her to capture images with a very relaxed, genuine quality. She was very responsive to editing requests and delivered flawless images within days of our shoot. We hope to work with her again!”

                  - Kara Bargmann, Experience Coordinator, Serendipity Labs Ridgewood

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