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Summer Cooking Lessons: How to Prep and Cook Octopus

July 06, 2016

Don’t be intimidated by its eight tentacled legs: octopus is actually a quick and easy dish to prep. It's also light and requires very little time at the stove, making a perfect summer meal. Serve it tapas-style with your fave white wine or with a light salad as part of a full meal. Click on for tips, tricks, and recipes! (Published with my original photography on

7 Best Beer Pairings for Your Fave Summer BBQ Recipes

September 05, 2016

It’s time to up your BBQ game, people. Stop putting out those same, weak, flavorless beers and offer up some smashing flavor combinations! There’s nothing better than sipping on a witbier as you dive into some freshly grilled shrimp skewers, trust us! Go on and discover how to perfectly compliment your favorite BBQ fare. (Published on

How to Bake Bread in 10 Simple Steps (It's Easier Than You Think)

December 14, 2015

Versatile, delicious bread. There’s nothing better than a fresh bun outta the oven. What’s that? You’ve never made this wonderfully satisfying baked good? Quit loafing around and whip up this recipe! (Published with my original photography on

8 DIY Beauty Treatments Made with Avocado

April 12, 2016

As if avocados didn’t already have our hearts, they’ve decided to give us more. From reducing puffy eyes and sleeking hair to fighting the signs of aging, there’s pretty much nothing these babies can’t do. Click on and discover how to take advantage of this fruit’s beautifying abilities! (Published on

A Field Guide to Mushrooms: 10 Popular Fungi & What to Cook with Them

June 23, 2016

Ever been to the grocery store or farmer’s market and been overwhelmed with the mushroom selection? Well it’s time to move on from the Baby Bellas and White Buttons and get adventurous! Why not take Enoki for a spin? Or the hideous yet delicious Morel? Don’t be shy and let us help you get to know these fungi! (Published on

Summer Cooking Lessons: How to Crack Open a Coconut

July 18, 2016

Is there anything more summery than fresh coconut? No, no there is not. But cracking open paradise can seem a little daunting. While these bowling-ball-resembling nuts have one tough shell, getting at that tasty meat is easier than you think. Allow us to guide you with these simple steps! (Published with my original photography on

Meet Cali-Baja Cuisine: The Best Food You're Not Eating (but Should Be)

March 28, 2016

Along the border of Mexico and California lies a cuisine destined for greatness: Cali-Baja. This Californian-Mexican-Mediterranean fusion of flavors and ingredients is quite possibly the best representation of Southern California’s mentality and lifestyle…in food form. With that in mind, let us delve into the colorful history and evolution of this flavorsome fare! (Published on

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