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More Than Just Parks: A Chat With Unboring Exploring’s Krysti Sabins

September 05, 2016

At More Than Just Parks it’s no secret that we love the parks. But we also like the people who help share them. Krysti Sabins is one of those very people, and that’s why we’re turning the spotlight on her today. Krysti is the host of a web series called Unboring Exploring. The series takes its viewers on virtual hikes through some of the country’s most notorious hiking trails.  (Interviewed by More Than Just Parks)

Undiscovered America Podcast ft. Krysti Sabins (Unboring Exploring)

July 02, 2015

The Undiscovered America podcast will post bi-weekly and contain interviews with travelers, conservationists, and outdoors experts to provide listeners with travel tips, knowledge of conservation efforts, and news about potential National Parks. Discover the lesser-known areas across the United States with guidance from informed locals and national advocacy groups, so you can take advantage of everything this country has to offer.

Hiking Q&A With Krysti From Unboring Exploring

October 21, 2013

I first came across Krysti’s work when I noticed her Kickstarter campaign. She was raising money for a better camera to level up her web series – Unboring Exploring. As a hiking channel, it caught my eye. Then after watching a few videos, I knew I had to contribute. She was generous enough to spare some time for a quick interview.

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